Two new movie credits + RZR

Two new movies have popped up on Chris’s IMDb list.

Hiding Places

This movie premiered at Twin Cities Film Festival in October 2023. Nothing much is known about it and it’s not clear when or whether it will see a wider release. The short summary of the movie is “Hiding Places highlights the hardships faced by an interracial couple. The family in this dramatic comedy is forced to settle issues of trust and mend old wounds that resurface.”


This movie is a story after the novel by T.J. Newman by the same title that’s about the survivors of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean. It’s currently in production.


The first two episodes of the web3 series RZR that Chris stars in can now be watched via the website. All you need to do is register a free account and then you’ll have access to the short film length episodes you can stream via the website. New episodes are added every Sunday at 12pm Pacific time.