Interviews (Media)

Video Interviews

….. Pajama Pants podcast (2020)

Chris as a guest on the Pajama Pants podcast.

….. Dan Fogler podcast (2020)

Chris as a guest on Chris Fogler’s podcast.

….. Josh Peck podcast (2019)

Chris as a guest on Josh Peck’s ‘Curious’ podcast.

….. exclusive interview (2019)

Skype video interview with Chris and our very own DebMac.

…..  Fear, Inc. premiere red carpet interview (2016)

Popcorn Talk briefly interviews Chris at the Fear, Inc. premiere about horror movies and Halloween.

…..  Jimmy Star interview (2015)

Jimmy Star talks to Chris about his upcoming projects.

…..  Broken Horses Interviews (2015)

Several interviews for Broken Horses that include Chris

…..  The Girl Next Door 10th Anniversary Q&A (2015)

The Girl Next Door Q&A for the movie’s 10th anniversary

….. Race To Witch Mountain interview (2009)

A short video clip of Chris talking about the movie and his character.

….. Movieweb Fanboys press junket (2008)

Movieweb talks to Chris and Sam Huntington about the upcoming movie Fanboys.

…..  G4 TV Fanboys interview at San Diego Comic Con (2007)

G4 TV interviews Chris Marquette, Kyle Newman and Dan Fogler at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con about the upcoming movie Fanboys. (courtesy of

…..   IESB The Invisible press junket interview (2007)

(courtesy of

…..  Interview with Chris on the red carpet at the Alpha Dog premiere in LA (2007)

(Attention! Contains a minor spoiler for The Invisible.)

…..  IFC News snippet about Fanboys (2006)

(courtesy of

…..  Teen Nick – Joan of Arcadia Behind The Scenes interview with Chris (2004)

…..  Joan of Arcadia LivingTV interview with Chris at the Joan of Arcadia set (2004)

…..  Video interview from (Chris about his role in Strong Medicine)

(courtesy of ::: Real Player required)

…..  Video interview about Freddie vs. Jason (2003)

Showbiz Junkies interviews Chris at the Freddie vs. Jason premiere

Audio Interviews with Chris

         Chris and Kyle Newman on the January 2009 Forcecast

Chris and Kyle Newman are interviewed about the movie Fanboys in the Jan 31, 2009 edition of the podcast (Jan 2009 – podcast)

         The Dorquettes Go To Hollywood (2008)

DomesticElephant, Sisterdebmac and TeeJay talk to Chris in Los Angeles, CA (Oct 2008 – audio interview)

         Movie Geeks United! Fanboys interview (2008)

Interview with Chris and director Kyle Newman about the movie Fanboys (Jan 2008 – audio interview)
courtesy of Movie Geeks United!

         Collider The Invisible press junket interview (2007) interviews Chris in light of his role in The Invisible (Apr 2007 – audio and text interview)

         The Dorquettes Strike Back (2007)

Sisterdebmac talks to Chris at the FX Show convention in Orlando, FL (Jan 2007 – audio interview)

         Revenge Of The Dorquettes (2006)

Sisterdebmac and TeeJay talk to Chris at the set of Revenge of the Nerds (Oct 2006 – audio interview)

Audio Interviews with some of Chris’s Co-Stars

         Whirling Dirvish – Dan Fogler Interview

DebMac talks to Dan Fogler at the Wizard World Comic Con in Atlanta in 2010

         Catching up with the cast of Joan of Arcadia

Interviews with Becky Wahlstrom and Amber Tamblyn in 2008 and 2009