What this section has to offer

….. Vidcaps

This is where you can find video clips of Chris’s work, from his early TV shows to his latest movies. We have it all. (Well, almost…)

….. Interviews

Video clips and sound files of interviews that Chris has given over the years.

….. Miscellaneous

Here’s some more things that we didn’t know how to classify, mostly video clips from things that Chris was in or associated with.

Since we don’t wanna steal any material that is being offered on other websites, all that you will find here are vidcaps we made ourselves and video clips that we don’t think are published on any Chris Marquette sites elsewhere.

Credit needs to be given to, a really good Chris Marquette website (and for a long time the only decent one), which closed down in January 2007. More credit should go to, a Joan of Arcadia fansite that closed down in summer 2006. Some of the files offered here are taken from these two sites. If there’s anything in our Media section that shouldn’t be, please contact us.

Most of these files are in WMV format, so you should make sure you have a player that plays those. Windows Media Player is one option, the free VLC media player another.