1×09 St. Joan

….. by TeeJay

Joan has a bit of a lightbulb moment when she learns about Joan of Arc in history class. A woman who was told to do things by God. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Of course Joan’s interest is immediately piqued. She actually studies the subject with rapt attention and gets an A+ on the history test on Joan of Arc. Before that, the best she had ever gotten was a C-.

In AP Chem, Joan is still dealing with the aftermath of her sculpture-smashing rampage. Adam won’t speak to her unless he absolutely has to. He sits with his head leaning in his right hand, hiding under the hood of his black hoodie, not looking at either Grace or Joan. He looks like he might either puke or cry any minute. First Joan and Grace try the funny approach, but he just ignores them. Joan then pleads that she’s really sorry for smashing his sculpture. So very sorry. He’s not budging, even when Grace tells him to “get back on the blow torch and fix the damn thing.”

Both Joan’s history teacher and Mr. Price become convinced that Joan cheated on the Joan Of Arc test and they tell her she’ll have to retake it. She refuses, saying that if she agrees to that, it would be  like admitting that she cheated when she did not. Next thing Joan knows, Grace has thrown together a “No proof, no test” campaign. Joan finds her pacing the front steps of Arcadia High, yelling her no-proof-no-test slogan, holding up signs. And Adam sits on a wall next to the steps, handing out no-proof-no-test buttons. Joan’s surprise to see him involved is visible. “Adam,” she approaches him, “Does this mean you’re talking to me again?”

Her hopes are soon smothered because Adam says, “Explain the situation, Grace.” Grace looks at Joan. “I told him I’d feed him his hat if he didn’t help.” Well, that’s one way of getting someone to cooperate… And he clearly doesn’t either want to be there, nor help with anything Joan is involved in.

Of course they get busted by Price, even the school principal turns up for the gathering of “Joan’s rebels”, to make it clear that either Joan can retake the test or they all get suspended. And Adam’s among them too, but he speaks up in the middle of Price’s lecture. “Uhm, can I just say something? I’m not wearing a button.” Price looks at him smugly. “You were observed handing them out.” “Technically, holding the bag,” Adam explains. “That’s why it’s called left holding the bag, Mr. Rove,” Price tells him. Adam gets up. “Well, I’m not really part of this whole revolution. I really don’t care what happens here.” He leaves and you can just see the disappointment in Joan’s face.

Well, Joan ends up retaking the test, because God made it clear to her that it wasn’t about revolution. Price says that if she admits she cheated, he won’t suspend her friends. But she didn’t cheat, so of course she doesn’t lie. Which gets everyone in trouble. And Grace throws it in her face. “I know I’m getting suspended a day from school, we all are. Even Adam.”

When she rounds the corner, she sees Adam standing there. It’s just Joan, getting everyone in trouble without meaning it. And it breaks her heart. “Adam. I can’t… I can’t stand you being mad at me anymore.” He leans his head against the pillar behind him. Clearly, he doesn’t wanna hear this. Close to tears, Joan plows on. “Please. You know me. You know I have… secrets… and things. Like you do, you know? I have reasons.” He gives her a long look. And the words that come out of his mouth hurt her like nothing he has ever said before: “Whatever, Joan.”

He pushes himself off the pillar and walks away. And while it’s slowly sinking in that he does know her real name, she understands how special it was that he kept calling her Jane all this time. And it breaks yet one more piece of her heart. (Click here to watch this scene.)