So then…

We are First of all, we’re not Chris Marquette’s official site—it’s a fansite run by fans for the fans. When we started out in October 2006, there was a large fansite called “Versatile” ( still out there. It was an excellent fansite with lots of material. However, the webmaster Melissa stopped updating it early in 2007. We tried to contact her and offer our help, but apparently she had moved on to other things. So we decided to put up our own site.

You will find things here that we took off her site, so due credit needs to be given for all the photos and vidcaps we rescued from oblivion. We would like to thank Melissa for her dedication to her site for as long as it was there, and for all the work she put into it. If it wasn’t for her website, the three webmasters of would never have met.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please go to the contact page where you can e-mail us.