Joan of Arcadia – Fan Fiction

Our own fan fiction

These stories all focus very much on the Joan/Adam relationship, so please don’t expect any episode-like storylines or much on the Grace/Luke pairing here. Most of TeeJay’s stories are pretty angsty. If you’re not into angst, you better avoid these.

The stories are all published on, so what you will find here are links to the stories hosted on If you have anything to say about them, please take a moment to leave a review, writers love feedback!

DomesticElephant’s stories:

….. Some Kind Of Nightmare
It’s one night in the post-Bonnie life of Adam Rove and it’s not a good one!

Sisterdebmac’s stories:

….. Experiments (R rating!!)
This is a completely UNauthorized sequel to the AUish To Give Is To Receive by femmenerd. Just like her wonderful story, it contains sexuality. Plot: A week after Adam made Joan very happy, she returns the favor.

….. The Haircut
Late in the Summer of 2005, a new, rather drastic haircut presents an opportunity for Joan and Adam to talk about the important things. Author’s note: This is my first attempt at JOA fic, so be nice.

….. Butterflies (PG version)
Bad news prompts Adam to turn up on Joan’s doorstep in his time of need, paving the way for reconnection. This is a collaboration between Sisterdebmac and TeeJay and is set in the future when Adam and Joan are both 22. (work in progress)

….. Butterflies: the unadulterated version (R rating!!)
Bad news prompts Adam to turn up on Joan’s doorstep in his time of need. Collaboration between Sisterdebmac and TeeJay, set in the future when Adam and Joan are both 22. Contains adult content. (work in progress)

….. Taken (R rating!!)
This one is not a full-blow fic really.  It’s an interlude.  Pure smut.  And it’s possible that it will show up one day in a real chapter of Butterflies.

….. The Three Story High Club (R rating!!)
Adam and Joan have an… interlude after their workloads keep them from spending any real time together for a week.

TeeJay’s stories:

….. Almost (R rating!!)
Sweet little vignette that continues where episode 2×07 POV left off. Warning: Ends up very smutty, hence it gets an R rating. Don’t read if you don’t like graphic sexual content.

….. Til It’s Gone
Alternate universe to how Joan gets to know Adam cheated on her. This came to me as I watched the bookstore scene from Trial and Error once again. Talk about punishing yourself…

….. After The Fall
Follow-up on the episode 2×19 Trial and Error. This is my view on what happens with Adam after Joan leaves him at the end of the episode.

….. Beaten and Battered
After rewatching the episode Trial and Error the other night, this is a little alternate universe interlude story. It’s what I now think Adam should have deserved. Warning! Not very Adam friendly.

….. All Of You
Delving into the minds and thoughts of Adam, Joan, Bonnie and Grace and others throughout and after the episode 2×19 Trial And Error. (incomplete)

….. Reach
Something prompts Joan to visit Adam in his shed the first time after their exchange of each other’s stuff in episode 2×20.

….. A Friend In Need
Adam has the stomach flu and Grace asks Joan to look after him since his dad is out of town. Post season two, AdamJoan and a fair share of Adam & Grace.

….. Underwater
Alternative ending to the episode 2×21 Common Thread. Focused mainly on Joan and Adam with lots of angsty and dramatic stuff.

….. Pathfinder
Missing scenes from the episode Common Thread, surrounding the events after Adam goes missing up on Mount Nashman, eventually skipping to events that happen after the s2 finale.

….. Second Chances
God suggests to Joan to do some gardening work, which makes her stumble right into Adam’s personal problems that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Takes place between episode 2×21 and 2×22.

….. Water Drops and Daydreams (R rating!!)
Adam, the shower, sliding water drops and daydreams. My first R rated story. Don’t read this if you don’t like graphic stuff, because it definitely is graphic. I hope in a good way.

….. Sweet Crusader
Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse between Joan and Adam, they do. Adam and M.J. take a trip to Washington and God asks Joan to help an old lady with her chores. This fanfic relates to Tote’s story Cathy and Heathcliffe. (incomplete)

….. Seeing Is Believing
What if Joan told Adam that even after crazy camp, therapy and counseling, Joan was still talking to God? Would he believe her now? (incomplete)

….. Forgive Me
Post second season. Joan receives a gift from Adam that she didn’t expect. One chapter so far, maybe more to come.

….. Hailstones and Mistletoe
It’s Christmas and Carl and Adam are invited to join the Girardis for dinner. Just a little Christmas story GermanJoan and I thought we’d whip up for you to get into the spirit. Merry Christmas, everyone!

….. Moonlight and Magic
A year has passed since Joan broke up with Adam. At their graduation party, Joan realizes that she might be ready to finally forgive him. One shot so far. Continuation unlikely but not impossible.

….. 03:17 (R rating!!)
Take a look inside my things-are-going-perfectly-between-Adam-and-Joan bubble. Just a short, cute, little AdamJoan piece, set in the future. Rated R for sexual content.

….. Thank You
Songfic based on the song Thank You by Dido. The song already tells a story, and I took that story and applied it to Adam and Joan. This takes place in the future, a couple of years after their high school graduation.

….. Old Wounds
Tragedy strikes the Girardi family, bringing old friends back together. Very dark future fic, set nine years after season two. Mostly about Adam, and some Grace and eventually Joan. Did you expect anything else from me?

….. Time’s A Great Healer
Can Adam and Joan put aside their animosities and become friends again when Joan spends time in Chicago? Future fic, takes place nine years after s2. Sequel to my story Old Wounds.

….. Lightning and Thunder
After Joan kisses Adam goodbye at Chicago O’Hare airport after years of separation, Adam wonders about whether it’s time to make changes to his life. First tie in to my stories Old Wounds and Time’s A Great Healer.

….. Dislocated
Adam receives a phone call that will prompt him to visit Arcadia again, and meeting Joan there doesn’t turn out quite like he expected. Second tie in to my future stories Old Wounds and Time’s A Great Healer.

….. Withholdings and Confrontations
Two weeks before Christmas, Joan runs into Adam in Arcadia and wonders why he didn’t tell her he was coming to visit. Third and most probably last tie in to my stories Old Wounds and Time’s A Great Healer.

….. Butterflies (PG version)
Bad news prompts Adam to turn up on Joan’s doorstep in his time of need, paving the way for reconnection. This is a collaboration between Sisterdebmac and TeeJay and is set in the future when Adam and Joan are both 22. (work in progress)

….. Butterflies: the unadulterated version (R rating!!)
Bad news prompts Adam to turn up on Joan’s doorstep in his time of need. Collaboration between Sisterdebmac and TeeJay, set in the future when Adam and Joan are both 22. Contains adult content. (work in progress)

….. Why?
Elya Rove wants to know why. Take a peek into a darker future Joaniverse. (work in progress)

American Gun tie-in:

….. Gunshot Residue (R rating!!)
David learns of Tally’s death and tries to come to grips with it, at the same time contemplating gun violence in connection with what his brother Robbie did. Rated R for violence and language!

others’ fan fiction

There are some stories that are worth mentioning that we’d like to link to, because we just love them. So here goes our collection of our favorite Adam/Joan stories.

….. Laura’s Fan Fiction
Lots of stories that either feature or revolve around Adam & Joan and their families. Most stories aren’t long, but the page is updated pretty much daily.

….. Reversing The Stitches by Digital-Dragon-Master
Everyone has free will. What if Ryan Hunter had exhibited his and not gone hiking that fateful day? Alternate ending to Common Thread. Fourpart story.

….. Covering Up the Truth and Other Things by namewithheld
everything up to Requiem For a Third Grade Ashtray, then veers off into AU: Joan wonders why Adam won’t show her his drawings.

….. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face by namewithheld
Postrequiem for a third grade ashtray and AU from there. Joan believes God’s speaking through Coldplay. WARNING: adult situations, violence.

….. He Wrote: Don’t Forget by namewithheld
Sequel to Covering Up The Truth And Other Things: Adam writes something under a drawing of her that confuses Joan.

….. An Explanation For A by namewithheld
Begins after Night Without Stars and then veers off into AU: a little story about why Iris decided to give Adam a nickname.

….. Beautiful Thing by namewithheld
Bonnie chooses her victim: speculation as to what she was thinking when she saw Adam for the first time, set during Secret Service.

….. Elizabeth and the Yellow Boat by namewithheld
A story about Adam’s mother. Draw your own conclusions. WARNING mature themes.

….. Just In Case by namewithheld
Joan gives Jane the day off but she comes back later to visit Adam in his shed.

….. The Instrument and its Music by namewithheld
Joan misses Jane and Adam wonders if they’ll ever see her again.

….. The Final Sorrow by namewithheld
Adam gets a visit from one Joan’s many mysterious friends and gets treated to a metaphor involving cigarettes. Heavy on the angst.

….. The Fix by namewithheld
Joan throws a rock at Adam’s window. A brief look at a future Adam and Joan. May be continued.

….. Fix You by namewithheld
a sequel to ‘The Fix’. Adam reflects on Joan and leaves a note but another girl may have a different kind of claim on him.

….. Cathy and Heathcliffe by namewithheld
A second Jane at Arcadia High and a reading of Wuthering Heights makes Joan confront Adam.

….. Isabella Wore a Toque by namewithheld
This is a little interlude sequel following ‘Cathy and Heathcliffe’. Read that one first, or this will leave you dazed and confused.

….. The Curtain’s Edge by namewithheld
sequel to Isabella Wore a Toque: Joan goes to Adam after talking to M.J. but ends up in the hospital herself…

….. Avoidance Is a Crime by namewithheld
sequel to Curtain’s Edge, may or may not be the last in the Cathy and Heathcliffe series. Adam avoids Joan and Joan doesn’t put up with that.

….. Running Home by namewithheld
Joan runs away from what she wants and Adam waits…WARNING herein lies some incredibly mild sexual content. Not your thing? Don’t read it, then.

….. The Thing about Touch by namewithheld
postTrial and Error. Joan overhears a rumor about why she and Adam broke up in the girls’ bathroom and surprises Adam.

….. The Nature of Hope by namewithheld
Adam has a love/hate relationship with hope.

….. No Questions Asked by namewithheld
Love doesn’t mean never having to say you’re sorry: love is believing, no questions asked. PG as can be, but this is the stuff of heartbreak.

….. With Her Soul In Her Eyes by namewithheld
Post-second season, Joan visits Adam’s shed.

….. Recovering Adam by namewithheld
Post-second season: Adam comes and visits Joan for once.

….. What a Rush to The Start by namewithheld
Adam dreams, Joan wears kickass black boots and attacks him in the kitchen. Strangely, it was not meant to be humorous…

….. Coldplay Said It Best by namewithheld
Joan runs away and God gives her a reality check on a bus. Also, there is hinted JA fluff. This is the same story I posted around a month ago, back from oblivion.

….. Tote, Meet Adam by namewithheld
a bizarro, wacky story in which Tote a.k.a. me meets Adam and gives him some not so friendly advice about Joan.

….. With Her Heart Between His Teeth by namewithheld
Joan comes back after having been gone for three years and having given up the fight against Ryan. A bruise on her face leads to questions from Adam. Post-Bonnie AU, may become series.

….. Suspension of Disbelief by namewithheld
Dark story set in the nottoodistant future: Joan has had another, worse failure of imagination and Adam tries to believe. WARNING! Dark. Very. Read at your own risk.

….. Worth Saving by namewithheld
CBS does something terrible and Adam tries to make it better with a teddy bear blanket…

….. Arcadia by allatraka
Joan & Adam’s reconciliation, some Grace & Friedman action, and Helen thinks about her past.

….. Mother by angelgazing
Adam growing up with and without the things his mother taught him.

….. Things They Can’t See When They Look at Him by Depudor
When Joan makes Adam take her to a trendy restaurant across town for their first real date, the journey home takes them to a dark and dangerous place.

….. For the First Time by ProcrastinationQueen (R rating!!)
An important discussion is finally had, followed by a big event for Adam and Joan. Take a guess what that is.

….. Betrayal by ProcrastinationQueen
A continuation of the final scenes of “Trial and Error”. Not all stories are fairy tales. Please read and review! (incomplete)

….. Secrets by ProcrastinationQueen
AU that begins during Trial and Error and will continue through the end of season 2, possibly longer. Adam and Joan are each trying to hide a relationship from the ones they love, but secrets like this are hard to keep. (work in progress)

….. Cashing Checks for My Cheating Heart by wallflower04
Adam and Grace in a shed. Post T&E. Yes, another one.

….. To Give Is To Receive by femmenerd (R rating!!)
AUish, set after Season 1, so alternate season 2 minus trauma. Joan’s grown tired of “waiting” but she’s nervous and doesn’t know exactly how to proceed. One night in his shed, Adam “surprises” her. (Sorry about the excess quotage)