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Drowning??Julian ‘Jukes’ Franklin
Hiding Places2023Keith
Sour Party2023Durant
Faith Based2020Hans
Parker’s Anchor2018Jared
Chokeslam2017Corey Swanson
I Hate The Man In My Basement2016Claude
Fear, Inc.2016Ben Davidson
Night Of The Living Deb2015Chaz Waverly
Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story2015Milo Burns
Broken Horses2015Buddy Heckum
Chu & Blossom2015Steve
Bad Country a.k.a. Whiskey Bay2014Agent Fitch
The Odd Way Home2014Duncan
10 Rules For Sleeping Around2013Ben
The Double2011Oliver
The Rite2011Eddie
Life During Wartime2009Billy
Infestation2009Cooper Flynn
The Education of Charlie Banks2009Danny Bowen
Race To Witch Mountain2009Pope
Choose Connor a.k.a. The Politician 2009Tony Blake
Graduation2008Carl Jenkins
Remember The Daze formerly The Beautiful Ordinary 2008Felix
The Invisible2007Pete Egan
Alpha Dog2007Keith Stratten
American Gun2006David Huttenson
Just Friends2005Mike Brander
Sugar Mountain2005Harvey
Thru The Moebius Strip2005voice of Jac Weir
The Girl Next Door2004Eli Brooks
Freddy vs. Jason2003Charlie Linderman
The Tic Code1999Miles Caraday
Sweet Nothing1996Richie

TV Shows

RZR web3 series episodes 1×01 to 1×05, 1×07, 1×082024Octie
The Influencer Show webseries episodes 1×01 to 1×152023Sam Harris
All Wrong webseries episodes 1×01 to 2×10 2017 – 2018Carlos
Joan of Arcadia episodes 1×02 to 2×22 2003 – 2005Adam Rove
Strong Medicine
episodes 1×03 to 1×05, 1×10, 1×12, 1×15, 1×16, 1×18, 1×21, 2×04, 2×08, 2×11, 2×12, 2×16, 2×17, 2×20 to 2×22, 3×01, 3×04, 3×09, 3×17, 3×22, 4×01, 4×03, 4×15, 4×19, 5×06, 5×13, 6×09
2000 – 2005Marc Delgado
Pasadena episodes 1×01 to 1×13 2001Mason McAllister
Mummy: The Animated Series animation2001voice of Alex O’Connell
The Kids From Room 402 animation2000voice of Arthur
Keneth Venderwall
Another World1996 – 1997Gregory John
Hudson #7
Aliens In The Family1996Adam Brody

TV Movies

The Ripples was never aired2003Ed Ripple
61* uncredited 2001Angry Fan
Up, Up, and Away! a.k.a. Superboy Scott2000Randy
Lansky1999Jake Lansky
9-11 years

Guest Appearances

The Fugitive
episode 1×04 Going Underground
episode 1×10 Getting The Gang Back Together
episode 1×14 How It All Ends
Magnum P.I. episode 4×09 Better Watch Out2021Barry Wilson
episode 1×04 Chapter Four: Commit … to YOU
episode 1×05 Chapter Five: Do Your Job
episode 1×06 Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face
episode 1×07 Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast And Keep Going
episode 3×07 Candy Asses
2018 – 2022Chris Lucado
Lucifer episode 1×04 Manly Whatnots2016Carver Cruz
Mozart in the Jungle episode 2×01 Stern Papa2015Mozart
Hawaii Five-0 episode 3×05 Mohai – Offering 2012Seth Tilton
Co-Op of the Damned webisode Zombie Love – Braaaaiinss 2012Jamie
The Unknown webisode 1×04 Life Sentence 2012Ian
Awake episode 1×09 Game Day 2012Kenneth Jones
House M.D. episode 7×17 Fall From Grace 2011Danny
Outlaw episode 1×08 In Re: Tony Mejia 2010Tim Reed
Criminal Minds episode 6×02 JJ 2010Jimmy Barrett
episode 6×04 Bliss
episode 6×05 Boomerang
episode 2×04 Sweet Release
episode 2×10 Bethless
episode 2×11 Tapping The Squid
2006James Cullen
episode 1×05 Red Robins Don’t Fly
episode 1×06 Next Stop, Armageddon
episode 1×13 A Forgotten Yesterday
episode 2×01 The Currency Of Doubt
episode 2×04 South Of Friendship, North Of Honor
episode 2×09 Code Name: Electric Haircut
episode 2×11 This Savior, A Snitch
2003 – 2004miscellaneous voiceovers
Miracles episode 1×05 The Bone Scatterer 2003Travis Prescott
Boston Public pisode 3×04 Chapter Forty-Eight 2002Henry Freers
Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand animation2002voice
The Wild Thornberrys animation episode 4×06 Hot Air 2002Little Brother
Lloyd in Space animation episode 1×08 Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy 2001voice
Judging Amy episode 2×13 The Beginning, the End and the Murky Middle 2001Colin Ingrim
Touched By An Angel episode 7×10 An Angel on My Tree 2000Cody Benson
Even Stevens episode 1×15 Heck of a Hanukkah 2000Curtis Stevens
ER episode 6×12 Abby Road 2000Marty Dorset
As Told By Ginger episode 1×08 Cry Wolf 2000Stuart Higsby
Xyber 9: New Dawn animation episode 1×08 Cry Wolf 1999voice
7th Heaven episode 4×10 Who Nose? 1999Pete Lawrence
Nash Bridges episode 5×09 Crosstalk 1999Eddie Jr.
Touched By An Angel episode 5×24 Fighting the Good Fight 1999Tim
The Nanny episode 6×10 The Hanukkah Story 1998Young Maxwell
Remember WENN episode 3×14 And How! 1997Patrick
Law & Order episode 7×19 Double Down 1997Ricky
Beverly Hills 90210 episode 7×07 Fearless 1996Alex
Saturday Night Live episode 21×04 1995unknown


Cast Away Sorta short film??Franklin Meyer
The Coogan Chronicles podcast2021 – 2022himself
The Napkin short film2012Sam
Thule short film2010Amn. John ‘Jack’ Roberts
Dear Roommate short film2009Jake
Black Hole short film2007Keith
The Day The Dead Weren’t Dead calling card trailer2007Eric Kowalski
Revenge Of The Nerds (remake) cancelled2007Max Foster
The Not So Golden Calf
The Ten Commandments 1 + 2
(animated DVD-movie)
2003voice of Seth
The Rest Is Yet To Come
The Ten Commandments 3 + 4
animated DVD-movie
2003voice of Seth
A Life And Seth Situation
The Ten Commandments 5 + 6
animated DVD-movie
2003voice of Seth
Stolen Jewels/Stolen Hearts
The Ten Commandments 7 + 8
animated DVD-movie
2003voice of Seth
Toying With The Truth
The Ten Commandments 9 + 10
animated DVD-movie
2003voice of Seth
The Trumpet of the Swan animated movie2001ADR voice