So you wanna know who’s running this site? There’s three of us (all women, in case you haven’t guessed). Two of us are from Germany (DomesticElephant and TeeJay) and one of us is from Georgia in the US (Sisterdebmac). Why are we running this site? Simple answer: Because we need to. How frustrating is it that we have all these great goodies and can’t share them with the public except on some remote message board that only few people ever look at? This was in 2006, where we decided it was time we opened our own site and had a place for people to stop by if they wanted to know what Chris is and was up to and find lots of goodies if they were craving that.

A lot of time and effort went into setting up and maintaining the site, and we hope you understand that we all have full-time jobs in real life and can’t always devote as much time to it as we would like. However, we will strive to update this site as best as we can.

Largely responsible for the content and all the technical stuff is TeeJay, she designed the layout, set everything up and wrote and collected the majority of material on the site. (Thanks go out to Searge for all the help on PHP-related issues!) She’s also the one to take care of updates and maintenance. If you have complaints about the site (especially the tech part of it) or have anything else to say to her, contact her at She’s into webdesign and fiddling with images and designs and basically lives for playing around with that stuff. In real life she works in clinical research with a company in Germany. She loves hanging out with friends, photography, D&D (and pretty dice), good movies, the English language, playing dead on her couch, writing and reading fan fiction, and Chris Marquette’s eyebrows. She hates hay fever, people who are disrespectful, racist or otherwise just assholes, computers that crash for no reason, people who can’t spell for the life of them but still post their fan fiction stories without a spell check, caraway seeds and gooey songs.

Next up is Sisterdebmac, who’s giving input for the site and is the authority on movie scripts and things surrounding them. She’s our Website Embassador for all things US-related (like going out to cons and meeting up with Chris). She’s also a really good beta-reader for just about anything, (fan) fiction or non-fiction, articles or recaps. In real life she works from home in Atlanta, Georgia. You can e-mail her at She loves Adam Rove’s hair, baseball, her dog Opie and her new computer speakers because they make Chris sound so damn sexy. She hates the jerks at IMDb who litter the boards with inanity and swill and waiting for Chris’s movies to come out.

Last but not least we have DomesticElephant. She’s into media design, and mainly gives feedback for the site and sometimes has really cool ideas. She was trained as a media designer and now works for a print office. She isn’t afraid to show others that you don’t have to hide if you’re different, since she was born with Sturge-Weber syndrome. Her e-mail is . She loves being online, painting, reading good books, watching good movies and TV shows, listening to good music, meeting her friends, chocolate, Chris Marquette’s hair and improving her English skills, especially with something that has Chris and his original voice in it. She hates asparagus, people who post inappropriate things on message boards or are mean, being pitied by others, and not finding the right words in any language.

The three of us met on the message board of Melissa’s old site and we’ve been in contact ever since. We even have a name for ourselves: The Dorquettes (as in female version of dork, as in fangirl). We’ve had long e-mail conversations, internet chats, and we’ve all met in person. And you wouldn’t believe the fun we’ve had and the crazy things we’ve done. Fabric-painting drool towels, t-shirts, putting Joan of Arcadia stickers in our cars, driving friends mad with talking for hours on end about Chris Marquette, and to top it off, flying out to Los Angeles to meet Chris for lunch. We kid you not! So, yes, we’ve met Chris in person, Deb and Tina even more than once. Which is awesome, and kind of a dream come true. Who’d ever think that might happen? We certainly didn’t…

And on the off-chance of Chris ever reading this himself: Dude, run! Ah well, you know us by now… All we can say that we haven’t told you already is: Keep the great work up and thank you again for everything you’ve done for us. Keep rockin’!

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