1×06 Bringeth It On

….. by TeeJay

Isn’t this familiar? Grace, Adam and Joan studying at the Girardi’s kitchen table. Why do I have the feeling I’ve seen this before? And it must be déjà vu, because they’re talking about AP Chem homework assignments and chemicals again. On a Saturday night, no less. Talk about subdefectives. Luke comes downstairs and casually throws in, “Wow. Classic geek misdirect. Gee, I’d like to hang out with you, but let’s pretend to study instead.” And Joan and Grace say in unison: “We’re not hanging out.” And Adam, oblivious, asks, “We’re not?”

Luke invites everyone to come with him to some cheerleader event. Of course Grace doesn’t take. Joan says she has a “big party” to attend. And Adam looks at her so sweetly and says, “I would go if Jane was going, but…” Of course you would, dreamer boy.

Oh, Adam, you are gross. And cruel. Why would you tell two girls in your AP Chem class that your uncle flushed Siamese twin kittens down the toilet once? Unless it wasn’t true, but you can’t really tell with Adam sometimes. His only other line in this scene is, “Unchallenged.”

In this episode, Joan’s mission is to join try-outs for the Arcadia Eagles cheerleader team. Which Grace hates, because that is so not a subdefective thing to do. And Adam doesn’t seem to like it any better. But then, after try-outs are over, Adam catches Joan in the hallway. He hands her a cute little sculpture made from metal with little feathery blue and yellow fluffy ends. “Here. This is for good luck.” Joan’s surprised. “Adam, well, thank you, but… I already tried out.” Yeah, he missed it. And he beats himself up over it. Well, more like beats his head against the locker. Joan reassures him, though. And thanks him for the… what exactly is it? Adam explains it’s a cheerleader. With the little hairy things. “Pompoms?” Joan asks.

Adam still can’t believe he missed it and asks how it went. “I can definitely say I’m not gonna be a cheerleader.” But instead of Adam being relieved, he looks disappointed. Joan always thought he’d hate her if she was a cheerleader. Because it really is not a very subdefective thing to do. And Adam tells her he doesn’t care what she is. “I just like hanging out with you because you’re… Jane.” Joan lightly touches his arm, correcting him, “Joan.” He is totally distracted by the deliberate physical contact. “Uh… what?” Joan smiles. “Never mind. Jane is good. We’ll stick with Jane.” Adam can only stutter. “Un—unchallenged.”

As he walks off, he turns around again and watches Joan admiring the little sculpture he just gave her. I wonder what happened to that sculpture. Did Joan keep it? I don’t think we see it again during the show. Do we?