An update – at last!

New year, new update. We’re really sorry that it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything new to the site, but we hope to be making up for it with this round-up of what’s happened with Chris since, well, last year.

There’s a few new projects he has worked on or is still working on. Released in 2015 were the movies Broken Horses (thriller) and Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story (horror). Broken Horses is now available on DVD, Always Watching on several streaming portals, including iTunes and amazon Prime (funnily enough, also on DVD and Blu-ray in Germany under the title The Operator). His indie Chu and Blossom is available as streaming video on iTunes and amazon Prime.

The indie Night of the Living Deb (horror) has not yet been released but may be screened at some local film festivals. Keep your eyes peeled. Several other projects are, according to IMDb, in the works, including Parker’s Anchor, Boneyard Canteen, Fear, Inc., Chokeslam and Misconduct. Hopefully they’ll be released in 2016.

Other than that, Chris had a very small guest spot in episode 2×01 of the amazon-produced TV show Mozart in the Jungle. We have uploaded screencaps and also the video clip of that scene.

We also hope you’re following Chris’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. He’s been posting there more or less frequently in the last year. Some of it is pretty hilarious or through-provoking.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see more of Chris on our screens in 2016!

“Night of the Living Deb” & “Marble Hornets” Trailer

The horror movie Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, which Chris stars in, is now available online on video-on-demand, including and iTunes. A trailer has also been released, which you can watch here.

And there’s more horror(-ish) Chris news. The horror parody Night of the Living Deb now also has a trailer, which is on Vimeo. It looks like Chris’s role is rather small and short-lived in this one. Then again… with Kyle Rankin as director, you never know.

“Broken Horses” Interviews and Videos

Chris’s movie Broken Horses was released in select theaters across the US on April 10, 2015. Along with the release, a few articles, interviews and behind-the-scenes videos were published. Let us give you a quick rundown below.

Release date announced for “Broken Horses”

According to director Vinod Chopra’s website, a release date of 16th January 2015 has been announced for one of Chris’s latest movies, Broken Horses. It’s unclear yet whether this is a limited or wide release. We’re hoping to hear more details soon.

In other news: Chris announced on Twitter recently that he now also has an Instagram account under the username christophermarquette. Why don’t you go find him and follow him there?