The Dorquettes Do It Again

or How Chris Agreed To Answer Some More Questions For Us

E-Mail Interview with Chris in May 2007

Hey guys, we’re back with another interview. Chris agreed to answer some more questions for us via e-mail, so here are his answers that he sent in on May 10, 2007. (Thanks, Chris!)

Your character in The Invisible has been described as a sad sack. Is that a fair description? What can you tell us about him without giving too much away?

A: I play Pete Egan in The Invisible. He’s a loner. I always saw him as a guy who skids by without ever being noticed. He doesn’t do anything to stand out simply because he doesn’t have the confidence in himself to do so. So in a way, yes, he’s a sad sack.

Q: In Fanboys, your character is dying of cancer. We’ve seen pictures of Linus lying down, feeling ill. What happens to him physically?

A: Not much happens to Linus in Fanboys. He ends up in the hospital at one point. But we didn’t try to do anything melodramatic with it. It’s a broad comedy, so we decided to just go really easy with Linus’s illness.

Q: Kyle Newman said that bit where Linus throws his pills away was unscripted. From the pictures, it looks like a poignant moment in the movie. Can you tell us what happened there?

A: I thought it was always scripted. Maybe I’m wrong, if it wasn’t then I guess I just decided to throw them off the cliff.

Q: And can you tease us about your kissing scene in the hospital without giving too much away?

A: Well without giving anything away, that part wasn’t scripted and I just decided to do it right as we were filming.

(The cat’s out of the bag now. He revealed in the interview that he kissed Carrie Fisher. Bet that gets a cheer from the real fanboys in the theatre when the movie comes out. -Deb)

Q: While most people think the comedic trailer for Fanboys looks great, some hardcore Star Wars fans are afraid you guys are going for cheap laughs at their expense. What do you say to people who think you’re poking less than gentle fun at genre geeks with the movie?

A: Anyone who thinks we are poking fun at Star Wars fans is ridiculous. They have to see the movie then. This movie makes heroes out of Star Wars fans. And what’s funny is all of us really are Star Wars fans, so if we were making fun of them, we’d be ridiculing ourselves. So no worries, we had fun making the movie is all, we were allowed to be goofy, but in no means were we making jokes of anyone who loved Star Wars. The movie itself is to show how much people love Star Wars, that’s all.

Q: We’re dying to see Graduation. Brian Ralston told us you’re great in it, really funny, and that we’re going to love you. What can you tell us about Carl? What’s that tattoo on his hand? We love Carl’s green hair and the piercings too. How long were you stuck with  the dye in your hair? Both of those piercings are real, aren’t they?

A: Yes, the piercings are real.  The tattoo, if I can remember correctly, was of a spider or a spider web.  He’s also got one on his back of Iggy Pop. I had the green hair for 2 months.  We had to redo it every 2 weeks.

Q: Carl’s mother has leukemia and the friends rob the bank to help finance her treatment, right? The trailer looks very comedic; any room left for more dramatic scenes as well, especially revolving around Carl and his mother? Does Glynnis O’Connor play Carl’s mom, by chance? (Deb is a long-time fan.)

A: Glynnis O’Connor did play my mom.

Q: A couple of leftover Alpha Dog Questions: People keep asking if you gave any home movie footage to Nick for the opening credits. Did you?

A: Yeah I did give footage to Nick for Alpha Dog. It’s funny, I didn’t make it on to the opening sequence but my brother Eric did. He’s the one wearing a baseball hat shooting a fake gun at the camera. Watch close and you can see it’s him.

Q: Universal has chosen to release a bare bones DVD with almost no extras. So it looks like we won’t get to see that deleted scene on the hill between Keith and Elvis anytime soon. Can you tell us about that scene or any other important scenes that were deleted?

A: Yeah, unfortunately they didn’t put it on the DVD. It was just a scene where Elvis takes Keith up to the mountain and has him dig his own grave because Elvis thinks that Keith is Zack, the boy who gets killed.

Q: We think we know which episode of Joan of Arcadia was the hardest for you to shoot–the break-up. True? Or is there something else that comes to mind? What episode was the most fun for you?

A: I don’t know. Joan Of Arcadia was fun altogether. Every episode was nice to shoot.

Q: Women loved you in the romantic lead on Joan Of ArcadiA: When are you gonna do a romance again?

A: We’ll see what comes up. I’m sure I will again, I just have to find the right thing to be in.

Q: Any word on Going After Cacciato?

A: Nope, no word yet.

Q: You told us your character in Charlie Banks is a bit of a tough guy.  Who do you play? What more can you tell us about the story?

A: Charlie Banks is a cool little movie. It’s hard to explain really. It’s sort of about these two guys, Jesse Eisenberg (Charlie Banks) and Jason Ritter (Mick Leary) who are polar opposites and through a forced joining, being friends with my character, their two worlds collide one semester in college. I play Danny, who is a bit of a tough guy, I always saw him pretending a little bit more than actually being tough. But it was a fun role.

Q: The Chinese language version of Thru The Moebius Strip was released on DVD last year. Do you have any idea if they’ll ever release the English version?

A: I have no idea, that’s news to me.

Q: Lastly, we’ve asked you all sorts of questions about you and your work. Is there anything that you want to know about us?

A: Yeah, tell me about yourselves. Where you’re from, what you do. Are you guys married? Any cool pets? Who else are you big fans of?