Catching up with the Cast of Joan of Arcadia


In October 2008, Anne (DomesticElephant), Deb (Sisterdebmac) and Tina (TeeJay) went to LA together and met up with a few Joan of Arcadia cast members, which include Michael Welch, Aaron Himelstein, Amber Tamblyn, and Becky Wahlstrom. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do interviews with all of them for different reasons, but we managed to snag both Becky for one. You’ll find the links below.

About a year after our trip to LA, Deb had the chance to attend a poetry reading of Amber’s newly published book, Bang Ditto. Amber was kind enough to sit down with Deb for a 30-minute interview after the reading. You can read the interview and listen to it below.

….. Becky Wahlstrom Interview – transcript

….. Amber Tamblyn Interview – transcript

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