Thru The Moebius Strip

or How To Listen To Chris Becoming The Voice Of A CGI Character

….. by TeeJay

Thru The Moebius Strip

The Plot

This being a CGI (computer-generated image) movie, it is a story about the coming of age of a brave, resourceful 14 year old boy who grew up refusing to accept the loss of his father.

Out of the strength of his conviction, he reaches the Planet Raphicca, 27.2 million light years away, to find that his father is prisoner in a kingdom of giant aliens who believe in magic and a medieval code of chivalry.

In the midst of a raging battle between good and evil, Jac rescues his father, his new found family of aliens, the planet of Raphicca, and ultimately, the Universe.


This is a gritty mining colony. It looks like Earth at the end of 20th century.

There are enormous smelters and mills as the backdrop to the stores and shops that line the main street of this planet. The streets are dirty, chaotic and crowded with miners or poorest people who have not enough money to build a Biosphere. These people living there are mostly from the lowest class of the whole civilization. Callisto is their only choice but it is definitely not a favorable one.

There is a bar called “The Dirty Shame” where the miners go out partying before having to go back to the mines and gather for drinks and fun. A robot shop called “Dr. Droid” which sells intergalactic robots in all shapes and sizes is also located. In addition, there is where Simon’s secret lab and the portal located.

This is a forestry planet that from afar, seems virtally unchanged for over thousand of its years.

Forty percent of the planet’s surface is coverd in rich foliage and large mushroom trees of unimaginable size. The rain season last for just less that half the year and can downpour with a fury that little life on other planets could endure. A cloudy skyline blankets the planet for most of the remaining year, creating colorful sunsets of unequalled beauty.

Deep in the forest roams large variety of animals of every conceivable shape and size. Most of this wildlife can be misleading, for the most beautiful can often be the most deadly. The most intelligent life form is the 20 foot tall Raphiccan’s that live in with their natural environment. Many villages have their dwellings carved inside the larger mushroom trees off of the large vines that stems.


The Character

Jac Weir. An inventive and creative 14 year old with an air of strength and rebelliousness. He is determined to find his long lost father who was accidentally transported to the alien world of Raphicca.


The Co-Stars

Two names might ring a bell here for people with an interest in the sci-fi genre: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars – Episode IV to VI) and Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine) also lent their voices to characters in this movie.

The Trivia and the DVD

This movie was never theatrically released in the US or in Europe, although it was supposed to be in late 2005/early 2006. It is available on DVD in China (Chinese language version) and curiously also in the Netherlands (English with optional Dutch subtitles). Such a shame it never went to theaters, it’s a pretty cool CGI feature. Something very much along the lines of Final Fantasy, which I thought was pretty neat. There are no extras on the Dutch DVD.

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