The Mummy: The Animated Series

or How Chris Lent His Voice To A Mechanical Whiz

….. by TeeJay

Freddy vs. Jason

The Plot

Based loosely on hit movies The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, the O’Connells find themselves being chased around the world by the undead corrupt High Priest, Imhotep, and his lackey, Colin Weasler, while trying to get the Manacle of Osiris off Alex’s wrist. This takes their trip across the world, trying to locate the lost scrolls of Thebes, the only things that can remove the manacle. However, the scrolls had to be destroyed to prevent Imhotep from possessing the manacle. Now in the second season, Alex is trained as a Medjai to combat the mummy as well as facing new threats along the way.


Watch out for tumbling temples, monstrous sand worms, crashing trains and invading armies of insects in the exciting adventure The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls.

After accidentally raising a Mummy from the dead, eleven-year-old Alex O’Connell is every kid’s hero, as he narrowly escapes one disaster after another. He and his family must race across the globe to locate the lost scrolls that will unlock the powers of a magical manacle and send the Mummy back to his tomb for good! Will Alex take down the Mummy and save the future of our world?


The Character

Alex O’Connell, age eleven, has a fantastic imagination and boundless curiosity. Alex possesses the best, and sometimes the worst, traits of both parents. Home-schooled by Evy, he knows ancient histories and languages like modern kids know Pokemon cards. But he is no bookworm. Alex also inherited his father’s barshness, sense of humor and adventurious spirit, and frequently these traits will get him into hot water. But just because he has adventuring in his genes doesn’t mean that Alex isn’t an eleven year old at heart. He is smart and witty, but not cocky or sophisticated. In a dire situation, Alex is often scared and vulnerable (like any 11-year old would be), but overcomes his fears to show the strength of his heroic character.

Like a young Rube Goldberg, Alex is also a mechanical whiz. He rigs up unique devices using objects he finds from his environment to get his family out of precarious situations… even situations he’s caused himself. Alex also rigs up stuff just for the fun of it, e.g. creating the 1930’s equivalent of makeshift skateboards and boogie boards. Alex possesses poise and humor beyond his years, but remains pure kid at heart. He still has kid-relatable problems like homework, lack of friends and issues with mom and dad… he just has to deal with them while being chased by ghouls, gremlins and zombies.

As the series progresses, Alex slowly learns how to control a select few of the Manacle’s powers through trial and error. But with these low level powers comes an awesome responsibility, one that Alex does not take lightly despite his tender years. Experience teaches Alex there’s no greater enemy than Imhotep and that for the good of humanity, the mummy must be stopped.


As this was an animated series, Chris doesn’t actually appear on the show but “only” did voicework, lending his voice to the main character of the series. The show had two seasons à 13 episodes, Chris as Alex O’Connell was in every episode.

The DVDs

Since December 2008 the complete TV show is available on DVD, sold in three volumes. There’s also another edition, called The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls. This DVD was released in 2002, and according to, “this ‘feature-length adventure’ merely streamlines the series’ first season, bridging together episodes 1, 12, and 13 with snippets and helpful narration from deleted shows.” The Quest for the Lost Scrolls has another episode in the bonus features (The Orb of Aten), plus a trivia challenge, character descriptions, the Mummy Animated Franchise trailer and a feature called Egyptology.