The Kids from Room 402

or How Chris Dubbed A Kid Named Arthur Kenneth

….. by TeeJay

The Plot

Children’s animated series based on the book “Gracie Graves and the Kids From Room 402” by Michael and Betty Paraskevas. The series focuses on a real class of real kids, doing real things and suffering real consequences at Harding Elementary School in Anytown, USA. Every episode follows 3 or 4 stories that show kids learning lessons the hard way.

The Character

Arthur Kenneth Venderwall. Chris doesn’t actually appear on the show as actor as it’s an animated series, but you’ll hear his voice. Wikipedia says this about his character:
Arthur is always trying to sell really awesome things. Even if you don’t buy from Arthur you usually end up paying him in the end. He has brown hair and wears a nice blue suit, now this kid’s got everything indeed. But how he gets his cool stuff he sells is unknown, most kids think he steals it from stores or is very rich.