or How Chris Saves The World From The Undead

….. by TeeJay

The Plot

Brandon Trost’s The Day The Dead Weren’t Dead is mock movie trailer about some young folks locking and loading to defend the world against a few undead dead people. According to Trost, his goal when shooting the (at the time plot-less) sequence was simply to have the actors deliver the lamest one-liners they could come up with on the spot, such as “You have to do something! Don’t make me come over there and make you do something!” or something to that effect. It is hilarious. The pace is fast and fun and the over dramatized sights and sounds had the audience cracking up… myself included.
Review by Rick CSUBSource: kernprojections.bside.com

The Day The Dead Weren’t Dead is directed by The Trost Bros. and edited by Nicholas Davis. This trailer started out as reel piece and has since gained so much popularity that a feature script has been written. Here’s to hoping we’ll see the full feature on the big screen in the near future.
Source: YouTube

The Character

Eric Kowalski. Apparently one of the young men fighting against the zombies…

The Co-Stars

Kris Lemche is one of the main characters in this short film. Chris already worked with him on Joan of Arcadia, even though they didn’t have a lot of scenes together.

The Latest

In an interview in 2008, Chris told us that it’s not all that likely that a full feature of The Day The Dead Weren’t Dead will ever be shot. Basically, the 3-minute trailer was shot as a calling card for the Trost brothers to show more of their work to people who were interested in hiring them.

Shame, I would love to see more of Chris cocking that shotgun and kicking ass. 😛

The Links

….. Screencaps from the trailer
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