Race To Witch Mountain

or How Chris Gets To Be A Computer Geek

….. by TeeJay

The Plot

The adaptation (not remake!) of the 1975 Disney film Escape To Witch Mountain revolves around a pair of paranormal-powered siblings who, with the help of a Las Vegas cab driver, go on the run from a diabolical group of men who wish to exploit their abilities.

The Character

According to Chris himself, his character is called Pope and he’s is the newest addition to the FBI’s team. He’s the young, computer-hacking guy who is just brand new to this whole thing. He doesn’t know the ropes. He’ll bring some comedic relief by messing things up a little bit, like saying something ridiculous. Everybody’s always rolling their eyes at this character.

Tom Everett Scott’s character is his partner in crime. He’s the older version of Pope. Anytime Pope screws up, he’s there to tap him on the shoulder, saying something like, “There’s a gun in your face. You might want to run.” And Pope’s like, “Right! Run!”

The Links

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