or How Chris Shows Us He Play A Brat Very Convincingly

….. by TeeJay

Freddy vs. Jason

The Plot

Having spent virtually all of her 15 years enwrapped in a sheltered, pampered existence, Lily Greeley McAllister (Alison Lohman) was not quite prepared for the emotional jolt attending the suicide of a strange man in the dining room of the Greeley family’s luxurious Pasadena home. Lily was equally unprepared for the blasé, unconcerned reactions of the Greeleys to this appalling spectacle. Attempting to find out why the man killed himself and why no one seemed to care all that much, Lily began to methodically unearth a number of unsavory family secrets — and in the process, put her own future in dire jeopardy. Mike White of Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, and Chuck and Buck fame was the guiding creative force behind this bizarre weekly blend of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dallas, while actress Diane Keaton helmed the series’ pilot episode. Others in the cast included Natasha Gregson Wagner and Mark Valley as two branches of the Greeley family tree, and Dana Delany as Catherine McAllister.

Source: (by Hal Erickson)

The Character

Mason McAllister, Lily’s obnoxious brother. Total brat. The kind of rich kid you can only tolerate if you’re equally rich, mean, insensitive and blasé. A bit of a troublemaker too, always up to no good.

The show only had one season à 13 episodes, Chris as Mason McAllister appeared in every episode.

The Mason Storyline

I haven’t actually seen all of the episodes, and not for lack of availability. Pasadena is just the kind of show I’d try to avoid if it didn’t have Chris in it. So I can’t really say much about the Mason storyline, or if there even is one. From the few episodes and scenes I’ve seen, it is my impression that Mason just randomly appears when the needed someone either for comic relief or to stir up trouble.

The Likes

Chris. That’s about it. Nothing that I’ve seen of this show was very likeable.

The Dislikes

Like I explained above, I haven’t seen enough of the show to really say what I dislike about it. What I can say from the first impression I got was that it was totally cheesy and over the top. And kinda boring.