Freddy vs. Jason

or How Chris Made You Watch Crap On A Stick For Two Hours

….. by Sisterdebmac

Freddy vs. Jason

The Plot

Let’s see, this monster named Jason fights this other monster named Freddy. For two mind-numbing hours. Meanwhile a bunch of horny teenagers get in the way. And they run and they scream and a bunch of them die. The end.

The Character

Charlie Linderman. He’s the geek.

The Dislikes

Everything in the movie but Chris.

The Moments

I like the scene at the corn field party even though he gets humiliated, and he has a pretty cool death scene (ooops, sorry, did I give anything away?).

The Quotes

Nothing I remember, unless a girly scream counts.

The Co-Stars

The only notable thing here is that Chris worked with Jason Ritter, pre-Joan of Arcadia.

The Critics

I have no idea what critics thought of this clap-trap, but I’m sure it wasn’t good. Teen slasher film fans seem to like it though, so I guess it did its job.


….. by TeeJay

I can only speak for the German 2-disc edition as that’s the one I own. Disc 1 has the movie on it with an optional commentary by director Ronny Yu, Robert Eglund and Ken Kirzinger. As I have never watched it, I can’t anything about it.

Disc 2 has more special features such as deleted/alternative scenes, a music video (How Can You Live by III Nino), a pre-fight press conference, production specials and the US theatrical trailer and TV spots. Chris is in three of the deleted scenes, most prominent is probably the scene where he kisses Kia that was cut from the theatrical version. Chris is also interviewed once in the production specials, but only for about 20 seconds.

The Rest

What more can anyone say about this movie? If you like craptastic horror movies, you’ll love it. If you like Chris, you might tolerate it. If you love Chris, you might tolerate it more than once. If not, there’s really nothing much to recommend it.