or How To Accept This Is Another Film You’re Never Going To See

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The Plot

The well titled Fellowship breaches issues of fellowships both broken and mended between family and friends. There is the mother who deals with the loss of a husband and the complications of new love mixed with the stress of raising a young boy. The boy played by Elijah Runcorn gave a moving performance as well. His angst of searching for something real to grasp onto touched my heart. The teen trio as I’ll call them: Luke Eberl, Margo Harshman and Chris Marquette reminded me of my teenage days of experimenting, love triangles and those endless summer nights. The funniest character bar-none was played by James Runcorn. His quirky, subtle occult guru character kept me laughing throughout his entire time on screen. Although his character was a minor one, his on screen stillness stole the show for me.
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The Character

Ben. We don’t know anything other than that he plays a teenager who’s friends with Gina (Margo Harshman) and Elliot (Luke Eberl).

The Co-Stars

This short film was directed and written by Luke Eberl (a.k.a. Lucas Elliot), one of Chris’s good friends. He also worked with him earlier on another short film, Sugar Mountain. Noteworthy, perhaps, is also the fact that Chris and Margo Harshman were a couple for a while and had the chance to work together as actors on this film.