If you've followed what's going on with Fanboys, you will know that it was released in the US on Feb 06, 2009. If you didn't, well, you know now.

The thing is, the Weinstein Company chose to only release it in 44 theaters in 8 cities initially. On Feb 20, 2009, it's expanding to 10 more cities. You can find more information about which cities and theaters it's playing in on the Fanboys release info page.

Word is that it will expand to more cities and theaters if it does well. We're asking you to please help us make that happen. Here's what you can do:

Tell everyone you know who lives in or near the release cities to watch the movie in the theater.

E-mail the Weinstein Company to let them know you would like to see Fanboys open in more cities. (Please be polite!)
They have created an e-mail address especially so you can tell them in what cities you would like to see Fanboys play in theaters: We'll also give you a template for a text you might want to send below.

Spread the word. Post about this on forums you go to--IMDb, Star Wars forums, movie message boards or blogs, Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal. Anything goes. Tell your friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
There's a widget below that you can post to capture people's interest. (You can get the copy & paste code when you click the asterisk in the bottom right corner.)

If you know any portals or websites that might be interested in publishing an article about the movie or this campaign, alert them. Feed them with information. Make it happen.

If we get enough people to voice their opinion, we might just get the Weinstein Co. to listen and put the movie out there for everyone to see. So, shoo! Get out there and make your voice heard!

Fanboys Widget -- please share!

Here's a template text for what you may use to send to the Weinstein Co. (change XXX to your city):

Subject line:
Fanboys Limited Release

Dear Weinstein Company,

I am writing to you to voice my unhappiness about Fanboys only coming out as a limited release. I live in XXX and thus will not be able to see the movie, even though I very much want to. I know more fans who do not live in or near any of the release cities that have excitedly been waiting for the movie and are now very disappointed that it is not showing near them.

Please expand the release of Fanboys to more cities, particularly XXX. I assure you that I will stand in line at the ticket booth and pay to see it if it comes to XXX.